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Doing Well by Doing Good 

Since its inception in 2008, InnoCSR has been working with multinational corporations, governments, and global NGOs across Asia, to find and transfer technologies that generate positive social, environmental, and financial impact. Good Bricks, a flagship technology of InnoCSR aims to redefine the construction landscape.


Good Bricks offers a holistic solution for the construction industry that elevates productivity while addressing the harmful environmental impact. Good Bricks introduces an innovative approach that revolutionizes brick manufacturing with its non-fired, green brick-making technology, significantly reducing the environmental, economic, social, and health impacts associated with traditional fired bricks. The multifaceted impact of the Good Bricks technology positions InnoCSR as a pioneer in forging a path towards a greener and cleaner industry, aligning progress with environmental and social responsibility.

What Clarion Does

InnoCSR’s innovative bricks manufacturing system uses proprietary soil stabilizers which eliminates the use of firing kilns. As a result, the Company aims to reduce at least 1.5 mil tons of CO2 per year from 2025. InnoCSR  also aims to use its technology to reduce child labor commonly employed in bricks manufacturing using traditional firing kilns in Nepal and India.


We co-invested with Garden Impact Fund and ADB Ventures where the equity funding will help expand the Company’s factory in Nepal and India in order to increase its market share of construction bricks in these countries, as well as for working capital. 

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