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Using the Best Sustainable Farming Practices to Create Jobs

Lionheart Agrotech combines best sustainable farming practices and state-of-the-art processing to deliver healthy, traceable and single-source coconut products to market. 

Recognising that we can no longer sustainably encroach on remaining undeveloped land and use water more efficiently, as we are facing shortages everywhere in the world, Lionheart has identified hybrid coconut as the best crop given these constraints. Its model provides for ten times more jobs per hectare than other crops like oil palm.


Lionheart also makes concerted efforts to build ties with the local communities, not just by creating jobs, but also by boosting opportunities for entrepreneurship, by improving the health and nutrition situation (micro-aquaponics systems), by offering training in sustainable renewable energy solutions and much more.

What Clarion Does

We participated in a working capital loan syndicated by Beneficial Returns for Lionheart to purchase equipment for the manufacture of coconut aminos, sauces and syrups which are sold primarily in the USA.

More Partners

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