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Sustainable Organic Farming Through Inclusive Business

For over two decades, Urmatt has been dominant in organic agriculture in the country, impacting thousands of farming families. Urmatt is a regional leader in environmental stewardship, and the largest producer of organic jasmine rice


As the world's largest organic jasmine rice producer, Urmatt has received critical acclaim for its ethical farming model. Its rice is cultivated in partnership with rural farmers of Northern Thailand.


The 1600+ farmers who work with Urmatt enjoy higher incomes because of higher quality seeds, bio inputs and technical assistance from Urmatt, enabling them to sell at a 30% premium above local prices.

What Clarion Does

We participated in a working capital loan syndicated by Beneficial Returns for Urmatt to purchase long grain paddy in the dry season. Their processed rice products are exported to USA,  Europe, Australia and Asia.

More Partners

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